Brand It Live - About Us

Brand It Live – About Us

Brand It Live™, LLC, is an innovative company which enables marketers to stream video directly from printed materials. Through Brand It Live, companies can turn their logo, business card, t-shirts, and virtually any printed marketing materials into their own streaming video distribution channel.

According to Forrester Research, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.  It is also widely known that the longer a customer sees your product, the more likely they are to remember it, and ultimately buy and share it with their friends.  With Brand It Live’s scan and video stream services, advertisers and companies get increased engagement and viewing time from potential customers.  For print advertisers, Brand It Live provides marketers and companies seamless interaction between print-only products, streaming video, and the internet, along with performance-tracking marketing data.  Customers experience the story behind products, in real-time, by scanning and streaming video with the Brand It Live mobile app.  This gives an advantage to the business by making the product the pitch-man. With integrated e-commerce and a buy button on the streaming video, a product literally sells itself on site.  Not only does the Brand It Live! experience significantly enhance customer engagement, it also tracks valuable data to help your company make better marketing decisions.

We want to help your company create memorable brand experiences for customers. Check out some of our Brand It Live! features and let us show you how we can enhance your next marketing campaign.

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How does our service work?

The Brand It Live! app scans and streams video-enabled print materials through your smart device. The app works by analyzing the printed image by creating a mathematical model based on shapes, lines, proportions, colors, and other elements. It then matches the model against video-enabled images already in the Brand It Live! database. When a match is found what you see is what looks like a 3D-mapped video playing on top of printed material in the physical world.

See demo video

Please note that our app scanner ONLY works with professional marketing materials and images that have been video-enabled through the Brand It Live! platform.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. To learn how you too can stand out with Brand It LIVE! and blow your customers away with amazing live video from your printed materials! Use our Contact Us page to tell us what you are doing and how we can help you.